Spiritual Direction that Centers on Cultivating Spaciousness | Author & Speaker Wayne Muller

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"Some of us wish to wait till our gift is potent and comprehensive enough to solve all the world’s problems. Seeing that our gift does not stop all the suffering, we decide it is inadequate. But every gift is a drop of water on a stone; every kindness, every flash of color or melody helps us remain hopeful and in balance. Each of us knows some part of the secret, and each of us holds our small portion of the light. We can thrive on the earth only if we each bring what we have and offer it at the family table."

Spiritual Direction that Centers on Cultivating Spaciousness | Author & Speaker Wayne Muller

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Could you tell me, briefly, as best you can, (knowing that whatever we say about the geography of the heart will be vague and hard to describe) if you and I spend time together listening for the most beautiful gift you could imagine – at the close of our time, however short or long, what gift would you take away with you? What freedom might you feel, what release, what wisdom, what feeling would arrive or depart, how would your day be different when you awake in the morning?
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