Spiritual Direction that Centers on Cultivating Spaciousness | Author & Speaker Wayne Muller

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"We do not gauge the value of the seasons by how quickly they progress from one to the next. Every season brings forth its bounty in its own time, and our life is richer when we can take time to savor the fruit of each."

Spiritual Direction that Centers on Cultivating Spaciousness | Author & Speaker Wayne Muller

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A Path of Private Mentoring
An intensive program of personal mentoring built upon a foundational
private retreat with Wayne Muller.


"Wayne Muller helps restore our souls" 

- Fred Rogers, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood


The private mentoring relationship is a gently honest place to fall in love with yourself again.

Countless good-hearted people feel more and more overwhelmed, exhausted, and discouraged. In the rush and hurry of our good work, and our busy lives, we rarely pause to listen carefully, in unhurried time, for those still, small voices that call our hearts to evolve, to change, and to be changed.

Wayne works privately with select committed individuals, couples, families, small groups, and community and corporate leaders in private mentoring sessions linked with focused, personalized retreats. Private sessions are available via telephone, Skype or face-to-face.

If you ache to reclaim dominion over your own life, recalibrate the compass of your heart’s direction, explore and embrace the changes in your life with fresh nourishment and courage, creativity and wonder, I invite you to consider such a pilgrimage together.

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