Spiritual Direction that Centers on Cultivating Spaciousness | Author & Speaker Wayne Muller

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"What are some of the inviolable precepts that guide your life? To be kind? To be grateful? To be honest? To serve your neighbor, to help the earth, to love children? Make a
list of principles that shape your days. Include both those you currently follow and those you would like to be able to follow. On Sabbath, take time to speak them aloud, alone or with loved ones. Notice how you feel when you hear them. What resistance, what relief arises? Notice how the memory of these spoken precepts resonates in your body through the day."

Spiritual Direction that Centers on Cultivating Spaciousness | Author & Speaker Wayne Muller

Individual and Small Group Private Retreats

Part of the mentoring relationship with Wayne includes a custom-tailored retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The retreat is for both individuals engaging in the mentoring path with Wayne, or for groups of friends, family members or colleagues who wish to work together.

A private personalized retreat is made of unhurried days, mindfully crafted to serve you or your group's  particular needs and intentions. Through collaboration, inquiry, contemplation, curiosity, and exploration, we will listen together, with an easy, merciful compassion, for how to reveal and nourish your true nature and deepest happiness. Here, you may reconnect with your own innate curiosity, and simply live more gently and slowly for a while.

This sanctuary in time is also supported by a rich circle of bodyworkers, yoga teachers, meditation teachers (available if you choose to use them) – all the while retaining generous time for hiking, creativity, nothing in particular, and sleep. After the retreat, follow up sessions help integrate, into the real soil of our daily lives, whatever seeds may be planted or discovered during the retreat experience.

A retreat is no mere selfish indulgence; it is a radical act. By offering a fierce no to the relentless demands of the world, you claim a radical yes to more honorably sustain a potent, essential wholeness, and take hold of a deep, healing stillness, not only for ourselves, but for the frantic, desperate achings of those close to us, those we love.  


I had been inspired and challenged by Wayne's books, ‘Sabbath’ and ‘A Life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough’. My individual time with Wayne was rich, but the time with a trusting group of friends, in and out of session, was equally rich and transformative. Since the group shared a house together for a week, most of our waking time was spent processing with one another our learnings and our 'yearnings'. We laughed together, we supported one another, and we shed tears for ourselves and one another. The entire week far exceeded my expectations.
I highly recommend Wayne as a therapist and spiritual director. We plan to return next year!

--Clara Benson



"Wayne Muller draws the lineage of many rich, spiritual teachings through his fine heart to offer healing to those in need."
      — STEPHEN LEVINE, author of Gradual Awakening, One Life to Live, and Breaking the Drought