Spiritual Direction that Centers on Cultivating Spaciousness | Author & Speaker Wayne Muller

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"Rewards that are not immediately apparent. When we are used to instant gratification, quicker news, microwaved food, faster computers, we are reluctant to let things go unknown or unfinished for long periods of time. We want to know
immediately what is going to happen next. We want instant
weather, stock market quotes, public opinion polls, and interest
rates. But in the end, the most important things show themselves slowly, and in their own time. How will our children
grow? Will we be happy? How will we die? Will we be
at peace?"

Spiritual Direction that Centers on Cultivating Spaciousness | Author & Speaker Wayne Muller

About Wayne Muller

_DSC0024.jpgWayne Muller is an executive leadership mentor, therapist, minister, community advocate, consultant, public speaker, and bestselling author of several books. A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, he has spent the last thirty-five years working with people suffering abuse, alcoholism, poverty, illness and loss.

Wayne works with a few select, committed individuals and small groups as a private mentor, helping those facing change or transition in their life or work, and helping clarify their inner sense of meaning and purpose. Wayne shares his time, care and attention to find together any emerging threads that can guide them safely to their new, evolving destiny.

In addition to collaborating with individuals in significant life changes, Wayne consults with numerous community organizations, educational institutions and healthcare corporations. He is the founder of Bread for the Journey – a network of ordinary people who engage in grassroots, neighborhood philanthropy through micro-grants. He has served as Senior Scholar at the Fetzer Institute, is an Extended Faculty at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and has received numerous awards for his work with those in need.

Wayne is available as a keynote speaker for particular organizations and corporations seeking to deepen, support, and clarify their work and mission.

Wayne lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Wayne Muller gently moved me beyond the seductive worries of Why me? He helped me look through my wounds as a window, opening to a new vision of who I am - and where I am now being called to go.” 
     — HENRI NOUWEN, Pastor, Daybreak Community, Toronto; author of "The Wounded Healer."

Below: Wayne Muller receiving the Institute of Noetic Science’s Temple Award for Creative Altruism